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Market & Technology Briefings

Unlike typical corporate training and strategy sessions, Market & Technology Briefings provide an independent global assessment of future technology trends and market analysis from the perspective of your company’s position in the industry, empowering sales, marketing and product development teams to compete more effectively in the global marketplace.

Here's What the Market & Technology Briefing Delivers:

  • A two-hour, live, interactive briefing session
  • High-quantity and high-quality information across three areas
    • Market analysis
    • Technology analysis
    • Competitive positioning analysis
  • Delivered by a Heavy Reading Senior Analyst
  • Hosted at a company location of the client's choice
  • Option for a client product briefing after the session
  • Option for the briefing to be recorded for the organization to use as an on-demand, permanent tool for current and future employees
    • This recording can be provided by LRTV, Light Reading's own production crew

Download a sample agenda

Heavy Reading analysts are available to present Market & Technology Briefings at a company location of the client's choice. Read about our analysts here.

Typical Corporate Training & Meeting Attendance From Various Teams in an Organization



% of Sales Attending

% of Marketing Attending

% of Product Management Attending

Typical Sales Training

Live and screen-based training in commercial/sales techniques




Typical Sales Conference

Once or twice a year; in a global company, not everyone is invited




Typical Technical Training

New standards, interfaces, new network elements, and the function each performs




Typical Strategic Planning Meeting

Internal meetings addressing the question – what should we do?




Market & Technology Briefings

Objective assessment of future technology trends and market analysis




Who Can Benefit From the Market & Technology Briefing?

  • Sales teams: While typical sales conferences and training sessions are focused on the short term and tend to be biased in favor of a company's competitive positioning, the structure of a Market & Technology Briefing offers an independent, analysis on the client organization's position in the market.
  • Marketing teams: Most sessions for marketers are focused on technical training and theoretical situations rather than real-world experience. Market & Technology Briefings expose marketing teams to strategic and competitive information that is timely and rele-vant to their job requirements.
  • Product development: Technical training provides education about the features of the company's product, but not qualitative information and external market context, and it certainly does not require attendance from the other critical functions of the company.

Market & Technology Briefings Availability:

Heavy Reading analysts are available to present Market & Technology Briefings at a company location of the client's choice. Video recording is also available upon request.

For more information about Heavy Reading's Market & Technology Briefing pricing and availability, please contact:

Patrick Donegan
Chief Analyst
Heavy Reading
Phone: +44-207-955-3901

David A. Williams
Global Director of Sales, Research
Heavy Reading
Phone: +1 858-829-8612

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Market and Technology Briefings
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