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DSL Home Gateways: Triple Play and Beyond

Over the past 12 to 18 months, DSL gateways have begun to take center stage in the digital home, and especially in the minds of major broadband service providers. Service providers increasingly see residential gateways as a key mechanism in the battle both to deliver higher-value services over broadband and to gain better control over customers to reduce churn. After a long period during which the demarcation point between customers and service providers has moved outside the home, more and more service providers want to use the residential gateway to bring that "demarc" back inside and use it to provision and manage an ever wider range of services. Typical in this regard is Hong Kong incumbent and broadband front-runner PCCW, which has described the residential gateway as "the key to the next big growth area in telecoms revenue."

DSL Home Gateways: Triple Play and Beyond delivers a complete accounting of DSL residential gateway technology and product developments. This report covers more than 30 different gateway suppliers, including all of the major providers in the field, and also looks at the activities of suppliers in some ancillary areas that are impacting the gateway market. The report provides a detailed analysis of major vendors, including such vital company-specific information as:

Types of gateways offered
Expectations for developments in gateway technology
Attitudes toward home networking technology
Channels to market, especially service provider channels
Key differentiators

For a full list DSL gateway vendors profiled and evaluated in this report, click here.

The report also delivers a comprehensive analysis of the DSL gateway market, including:

Standards activity in the area of residential gateways, including discussion of the work of the Home Gateway Initiative, the DSL Forum, and many other bodies in the field.
Emerging capabilities in residential gateways, including support of VOIP, video, QOS, remote management and configuration, and emerging services such as home security and control.
A typology of the digital home and how the residential gateway fits into it, including discussion of the relationship between the gateway and set-top boxes, home networks, consumer electronics equipment, and network equipment at the service provider edge.
A timeline for residential gateway development and deployment.


Residential gateways are becoming widely seen as a strategic necessity for major broadband service providers. Among the reasons:

Service providers can improve and control QOS in bundled service packages, especially those including VOIP and video.
Service providers can strengthen their relationship with customers and reduce churn.
Service providers can control and reduce costs, especially customer relationship management costs.
Service providers can regain control over the supply of Internet-related applications and services by supplying them via the gateway.

The residential DSL gateway exists within a wider context of networking equipment and must be considered within that wider context. In particular, there are strong links between residential gateways and remote management, on the one hand, and with home networks and home devices, on the other. These relationships are explored in detail in this report.

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Report Scope and Structure

DSL Home Gateways: Triple Play and Beyond is structured as follows:

Section I is an introduction to the report, with complete report key findings.

Section II presents a detailed overview of the residential gateway's development to date and its relationship to other key sectors, as well as looking at standards activities.

Section III details and analyzes efforts by various standards bodies to define residential gateway elements and functions.

Section IV discusses how residential gateways fit into the wider scope of home networking, including the intersection of gateways with home networks, set-top boxes, home monitoring, and remote management.

Section V presents a typology of vendors and lists all of the major vendors in the field.

Section VI details and analyzes the residential gateway strategies of major vendors.

The report is essential reading for a wide range of industry participants, including the following:

Telecom equipment suppliers: How is the DSL gateway sector evolving, and how will its evolution affect your product lines and strategies? Which suppliers are best positioned to win market share? Which companies present the best partnership opportunities? How will standards efforts affect the development of this dynamic market sector?
Makers of DSL components and subsystems: How do your products fit in with the way the DSL gateway market is likely to change in coming months? Which gateway manufacturers should you be targeting with your product marketing messages? How well are your competitors faring in this market?
Telecom service providers: How will DSL gateways fit into your plans to deliver one-stop home networking functionality to your customers? Which suppliers come closest to matching your vision for deployment of gateways in your network? What are the challenges that must still be overcome to deploy industry-standard gateways? How will gateways facilitate a full range of residential services?
Investors: Which equipment makers are in the best position to thrive in this important market sector? Which companies are emerging as the early winners, and which ones are likely to struggle for market share?

DSL Home Gateways: Triple Play and Beyond is published in PDF format.

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66 pages of analysis covering residential DSL gateway markets worldwide
Products and strategies detailed for 40 different equipment manufacturers
Comprehensive accounting of all DSL gateway standards efforts now underway worldwide
Detailed analysis of the role that residential DSL gateways will play in the complete home networking environment
PRICE: $3,795
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