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Insider Testimonials

"Looks very good; great content, too."
Ted Uhler, Product Manager, Dot Hill Systems Corp.
"Provides content and insights not found within alternate sources. I look forward to each installment."
Anne-Marie Johnson, Market Research Manager, CNT
"Very good reports."
Greg Whelan, Director of Marketing, Quarry
"Very good."
Iris Getz, Partner, Platinum Neurone Ventures
"Excellent ... I like both the log-in feature on the web ... and the monthly e-mails containing the latest report."
Annie Snelson, Product Marketing, U4EA Technologies
"Great site, easy to use, provides pertinent and timely information on the industries I am interested in."
Kathleen Gianandrea, Executive Administrator CEO/CFO, AFC
Herb Chen, President, Chen Capital Management, Inc.
"Good coverage of market developments both technical and commercial. Useful for telcos in determining new market opportunities."
Peter Kelly, Marketing Manager, ESB Telecom
"Great service that combines the information I need/want to know, in a concise format that doesn’t require me to set aside valuable time digging through a lot of filler."
Barry Kantner, Vice President, World Wide Packets
"I like the detailed reviews and comparisons of products. ... It's a great reference tool."
Derek Sheeler, Analyst, Olayan Group
"I love the attitude. Keep it up!"
Duncan West, Senior Require-ments Manager, Qpas
"I read and rely on the information provided. It's one of my must-read e-mails. Keep up the good work!"
Cliff Arellano, President, Com-munications Products, Inc.
"Very concise and well founded base for our daily market research business ... a very helpful source of information."
Wolfgang Rossmann, Director of Market Research (Mobile Networks), SIEMENS AG
"Redesign is great."
Laura Marriott, Director, Wireless Offer Management, Intrado
"I like the wireless feedback from wireless OEMs and operators."
A. Iyengar, Marketing, Altera