Heavy Reading
Components Total Access

Heavy Reading’s Components Total Access delivers in-depth research and competitive analyses for the components and subsystems markets that will underpin next-generation network technologies.

Key topics for Components Total Access in 2018 include the following:

  • 100/400/800G optical
  • LTE/5G technologies
  • SDN
  • Multicore processors
  • White box/COTS components
  • Terabit switch chips

Deliverables for the Components Total Access service include the following:

  • All published reports on components and subsystems topics from Heavy Reading
  • On-demand access to previously published Heavy Reading reports on components issues
  • Discounts on all Heavy Reading products and services, including custom research projects, thought-leadership programs, and admission to Light Reading events
  • Advance notice of all Heavy Reading research initiatives – and direct input into shaping our research agenda

Items included in this package:

PRICE: $10000