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46 slides of in-depth results from our exclusive survey of Ethernet & SDN Executive Council executives.
Detailed analysis of a full range of deployment and business issues facing carrier Ethernet service providers, based on survey results.
Exploration of how Council member companies see Ethernet services interacting with SDN technologies and principles over the next several years.
Specific recommendations from Council members about where the Ethernet industry should focus its resources in the coming years.
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Stan has more than 15 years of experience in wireline-related business analysis and strategic marketing. His current focus is on carrier Ethernet services and equipment markets...

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Ethernet & SDN Executive Council State-of-the-Industry Survey Report, 2Q13

We are entering an exciting new phase in the development of service and technology markets. The convergence of carrier Ethernet 2.0 and carrier software-defined networking (SDN) technologies promises to accelerate the ability of operators to develop and deliver more scalable, dynamic and customized services and applications over much more efficient networks.

But despite all of the current hype around SDN, it will take considerable time for SDN technologies to reshape how most networks are built and operated and significantly impact the competitive services landscape.

Heavy Reading launched its Ethernet Executive Council in September 2011 to honor individuals who are helping drive Ethernet and Ethernet-enabled cloud services market growth. In 2013, we expanded the Council's scope to include SDN, network functions virtualization (NFV) and software-driven services.

The Ethernet & SDN Executive Council now consists of 140+ service and technology experts from 73+ service providers worldwide with particularly strong representation from North America and Europe.

In April and May 2013, Heavy Reading surveyed this group to explore their views regarding the current direction and future prospects for the global carrier Ethernet market and its convergence with SDN principles and technologies. We received responses from 47+ service providers, whose companies employ 95+ Council members.

The Ethernet & SDN Executive Council State-of-the-Industry Survey Report, 2Q13 provides complete results of this in-depth survey, covering a full range of deployment and business issues facing carrier Ethernet service providers. Newly included in this survey are the views of Council members on the convergence of carrier Ethernet 2.0 and carrier SDN technologies.


The vast majority (86 percent) of Council members participating in the survey strongly agree or agree that competition in the Ethernet services market generally has expanded beyond a focus on service types and technical details to also include a greater emphasis on service performance and quality of experience. But in verbal responses, many respondents also commented that extensive coverage and price remain key differentiators.

While Council members appear largely in agreement that we will see the emergence of more dynamic service capabilities including real-time capacity management and API-driven performance-on-demand a large portion of survey participants do not expect SDN to affect the services market any time soon.

Survey feedback illustrates that we are still very much in the early days of any potential industry-wide transition to SDN. Nearly two thirds of respondents said that their companies are learning about SDN, planning their SDN strategy or evaluating SDN solutions, while only 9 percent indicated they currently are using or starting to use SDN technologies.

Going forward, Heavy Reading will conduct Ethernet & SDN Executive Council surveys on a regular basis, sharing all survey data with Council members and sponsors at no charge. These survey reports will be available for purchase by other Heavy Reading customers after a 30-day Council exclusivity period.

The Ethernet & SDN Executive Council State-of-the-Industry Survey Report, 2Q13 takes the form of a PowerPoint presentation but is published in PDF format.