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Ethernet Services in North America: Leader Profiles

Despite strong economic headwinds, the North American Ethernet services market has remained incredibly resilient, according to recent conversations and other input from dozens of service providers and equipment vendors. The market truly has been about as close to recession proof as possible, according to comments made by senior representatives from multiple operators participating in Light Reading's Ethernet Expo Americas in November 2009. Even with intensifying competition including some price pressure and a huge number of service suppliers we have heard nothing but optimism about future growth prospects for the Ethernet market.

Feedback from dozens of Ethernet service providers who participated in the 2009 Ethernet Expo Europe and Ethernet Expo Americas events or were interviewed by Heavy Reading indicates the retail and wholesale Ethernet services markets have held up relatively well during the economic downturn. While revenues from traditional Frame Relay, ATM, and TDM private line services generally have continued to decline, many operators have reported positive momentum for Ethernet services sales due to growing adoption across multiple industry verticals including finance, healthcare, media/entertainment, law, manufacturing, education, and government. On the wholesale front, we are in the early days of what many telecom operators and MSOs expect will be a big opportunity related to the backhaul of mobile broadband traffic over Ethernet connections.

Based on data points from across the industry, we estimate the global market for Ethernet connectivity services has grown at a double digit year-over-year rate during 2009 and is now worth multi-billions of dollars. There is no question that Ethernet will gain as a percentage of overall data connectivity services market revenues over the next several years as customers seek to take advantage of the indisputable performance/price advantages offered by the technology.

Ethernet Services in North America: Leader Profiles delivers an up-to-the minute update on the Ethernet services market and an extensive examination of seven of the key operators shaping its development. The report is based on recent interviews and other input from some 20 carriers, conversations with many carrier Ethernet/MPLS network equipment vendors, and additional primary research. The report builds upon more than five years of Heavy Reading's in-depth research on the carrier Ethernet services and equipment markets.


The report includes detailed profiles of seven top providers of carrier Ethernet services in North America, to provide a clear framework for how the Ethernet services market is evolving. The seven profiled operators offer 113 different flavors of point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and multipoint-to-multipoint Ethernet services within metro markets, between metro markets in the U.S., and between metro markets in different countries. They also provide Ethernet-based access to IP/MPLS VPN, Internet, and other services and applications like storage extension, disaster recovery, and video transport. All of the profiled operators provide EPL and EVPL services within metro markets and between different cities in the U.S., and almost all also offer EVPLAN services within and between U.S. metro markets. The profiled operators sell 44 EPL services over Sonet, DWDM, packet optical, and carrier Ethernet switch and router platforms. These services are the most common in their combined portfolios and account for 39 percent of their connectivity options.

For a list of network operators analyzed in this report, click here.

Each operator profile contains dozens of data points describing carrier Ethernet services now on offer, providing an in-depth and up-to-the-minute account of how each operator has progressed with its Ethernet services, as well as a framework to make direct points of comparison to chart operator activity.

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Report Scope and Structure

Ethernet Services in North America: Leader Profiles is structured as follows:

Section I includes a full executive summary and report key findings.

Section II provides insight into how well the Ethernet services market has weathered the economic downturn, discusses the progress operators have made in overcoming obstacles to Ethernet adoption by enterprise customers, and highlights inter-carrier cooperation to make Ethernet more widely available and fuel further Ethernet adoption. This section also discusses seven major ways in which operators are differentiating their Ethernet services in an increasingly crowded and competitive market.

Section III provides a brief overview of Ethernet service definitions and highlights common features of carrier Ethernet connectivity services.

Section IV accounts for the vast majority of the report content. It provides extensive profiles on 7 leading Ethernet service providers in North Americas, analyzing their strategic focus; industry leadership and innovation; Ethernet services portfolio, with feature highlights; portfolio strength and breadth; service reach and coverage; Ethernet services revenue growth/customer traction; pricing trends; carrier Ethernet/MPLS-related capital spending; and network technologies.

We also provide summary information for the 113 flavors of Ethernet connectivity services offered by the profiled operators, along with highlights on 18 IP/MPLS VPN and high-speed Internet services in their portfolios that have Ethernet access options. The summary information includes the service name; a description of the service; the speed and bandwidth scaleability of the service; whether or not the service includes a CoS/QoS option; performance and operational service level agreements/guarantees.

Section V offers conclusions and recommendations for service providers.

Ethernet Services in North America: Leader Profiles is essential reading for a wide range of industry participants, including the following:

Carrier Ethernet service providers: What is the current competitive landscape for carrier Ethernet services in North America? How does your service portfolio map to other leading operators? Are there any significant gaps in your product line that need to be addressed? What are the key advantages that you hold over rivals, and how can you capitalize on those advantages?
Telecom equipment manufacturers: Which operators are moving most aggressively to deploy carrier Ethernet services, and which technologies are they going to rely on for their initiatives? Is your current and anticipated product portfolio in line with projected technology deployments?
Investors: How will the continued growth of carrier Ethernet affect not only competitors in this sector, but providers of other types of network services? Which operators are positioned to emerge as the main suppliers of carrier Ethernet services, and when are they most likely to reap the benefits of market leadership?

Ethernet Services in North America: Leader Profiles is published in PDF format.

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58 pages of analysis covering the ongoing development of the carrier Ethernet market in North America, including coverage of international services
Detailed comparative data covering Ethernet services now on offer from seven leading operators
In-depth analysis of the likely growth path for carrier Ethernet services broken out by service type and coverage area (metro, regional, national, international)
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