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No Idle Chatter: Payments Add Value to Mobile Ecosystem
Those who aren't excited about mobile payments insist that consumers aren't going to just stop using credit, debit and cash en masse for the ability to use yet one more app on their smartphones. But the drivers behind mobile payments won't really be based on mobile network operators (MNOs) or mobile payment vendors that are looking to force consumers to replace existing payment options at least not initially.

For now, MNOs and payment vendors should be looking at different ways to drive demand for mobile payments, which have the potential to create significant revenue throughout the entire mobile ecosystem. First, mobile payments enable MNOs, payment vendors and others in the ecosystem to capture valuable data and analytics information about the customers making mobile payment transactions. Imagine being able to track and accurately understand what each customer considers purchasing, where he does so, how he does so, what he purchases and how much he pays. Even more so, imagine being able to interact with the customer in real time as he comments or shares information about the transaction on social networking. This scenario isn't futuristic. It's happening today.

Mobile payments are driven by the ability of mobile to integrate several factors location, speed, commerce, storage of both value and loyalty, search and action all in one place. A well-defined mobile proposition can create customer convenience, build customer engagement and create new revenue streams.

Currently, many mobile payment solutions for brick and mortar retailers appear to solve a problem that doesn't really exist: simply removing the plastic mag stripe card from the workflow. Few have approached the problem from standpoint of introducing a true merchant benefit. Meanwhile, both consumers and merchants are faced with a large number of confusing choices in the mobile payments space. Consolidation should begin to show both merchants and consumers those strategies are gaining real traction and, thus, will be around for the long term.

No Idle Chatter: Payments Add Value to Mobile Ecosystem examines the mobile payments market, analyzing the most lucrative verticals in mobile payments, the drivers in the market and challenges the industry faces. It includes a comparative analysis of solutions available, examines the geographic landscape of the market and details trends that will likely occur in the industry over the next 18-24 months.
Sample research data from the report is shown in the excerpts below:
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According to some statistics, the mobile payment industry is forecasted to account for as much as $1 trillion in global transactions by 2015. Consumers, who already are accustomed to paying bills and buying goods online, are driving much of the move toward mobile payments. As the proliferation of mobile phones, smartphones and tablets continues, it's only natural that those same consumers feel the desire to use those devices to make purchases. The following excerpt shows several verticals that have the potential for growth in terms of mobile payments over the next two years.
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Companies analyzed in this report include: Accenture (NYSE: ACN); BOKU Inc.; DigiMo Inc.; Firethorn Mobile Inc., a division of Qualcomm Inc. (Nasdaq: QCOM); Heartland Payment Systems Inc. (NYSE: HPY); Intuit Inc. (Nasdaq: INTU); Mitek Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: MITK); Mocapay Inc.; Monitise plc (LSE: MONI); mopay Inc., a company of MindMatics Group; Roamware Inc.; TabbedOut, a division of ATX Innovation Inc.
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