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Recent Reports

2020 Vision: The Heavy Reading Perspective
Vol. 12, No. 12, December 2014
Published in conjunction with Light Reading's 2020 Vision Executive Summit in Reykjavik, this report explores the business and technology issues that will have the greatest impact on the telecom industry's evolution in the run-up to year 2020. Each section of the report focuses on a specific area and is written by the Heavy Reading analyst who is leading the coverage in that area. The collective expertise of our analyst team sheds light on the key enablers that will shape the telecom landscape over the next five years.
SDN in the WAN: Service Provider Opportunities & Challenges
Vol. 12, No. 11, November 2014
In just a few short years, SDN has risen from academic obscurity to become the most transformative business and technology trend the telecom world has seen in decades. But now that the initial technology hype stage has passed, operators are grappling with the hard questions that come with concrete implementation. This report provides a realistic analysis of the opportunities and challenges for service providers as they migrate their networks to the agile, software-driven architectures of the future.
Service Chaining in Software-Centric Telecom Networks
Vol. 12, No. 10, November 2014
Network service chaining is an emerging set of processes and technologies that have the potential to radically change how telecom networks are designed and operated. This report examines the drivers for service chaining in telecom networks and identifies the innovations and architectures needed to realize the concept. It also analyzes emerging use cases, implementation challenges and the promise to improve how operators offer cloud services in the software-defined data center.
The Future of Routing in 4G Mobile Backhaul Networks
Vol. 12, No. 9, October 2014
SDN and NFV are radically impacting the way the industry is thinking about routers – or just routing – in the backhaul. Consistent with NFV, routing can be centrally located and accessed as virtual instances by other nodes, rather than requiring dedicated routers throughout the backhaul. As network planners grapple with expanding capacity and agility to support ever higher capacity, more powerful smartphones, and advanced apps, this report reviews the evolving role of routing in the mobile backhaul network.
U.S. Ethernet Services Vertical Markets Update: 2014-2019
Vol. 12, No. 8, August 2014
This report analyzes the U.S. Ethernet services market, projects growth for eight major Ethernet verticals through 2019, and examines the major issues that will affect each key vertical over the next five years. The report is based on in-depth interviews with senior executives at 15 leading service providers, which collectively account for about 90% of U.S. retail Ethernet service sales, as well as an exclusive survey of U.S. companies regarding their current and future Ethernet services usage.
LTE Base Station & Handset Components 2014: A Heavy Reading Competitive Analysis
Vol. 12, No. 7, July 2014
Semiconductor components are key to the successful rollout of LTE networks worldwide. This report analyzes the full spectrum of vendors developing LTE components for both base stations and user devices. It includes detailed competitive analysis on LTE baseband, RF and application processors for user devices and base stations. The report evaluates the products and strategies of 31 leading vendors in this rapidly growing market, including 119 baseband, RF and application processor devices.
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