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'Backhaul Strategies for Mobile Operators' was a seminal document that had a major impact on our company...
Michael Collette
President and CEO
Narad Networks
The company chose the Allied Telesyn iMAP after seeing the August 2005 Heavy Reading report...
- Official Press Release
Allied Telesyn Inc.
We downloaded your latest report on European BB [broadband], and it's been a hit here at ECI.
- Sandra Welfeld
Director of Business Intelligence
ECI Telecom

Recent Reports

Business Intelligence & Decision Support: User Perceptions & Trends
Vol. 1, No. 2, October 2006
Facing an increasingly intense competitive landscape and growing government and industry requirements, organizations of all stripes are turning to "business intelligence" tools to deepen analysis of their operations. This report presents a comprehensive view of this market from the perspective of end-user organizations. Based on an exclusive worldwide survey of 197 professionals involved in the selection, purchase, or management of business intelligence products, it provides a real sense of what customers think about the effectiveness of their business intelligence initiatives, what they are buying and planning to buy, and the roadblocks they are encountering in executing their business intelligence strategies.
The Future of Network & Information Security
Vol. 1, No. 1, August 2006
As security threats have proliferated and evolved, enterprises today are facing dangers that would have been unimaginable only a few years ago. To assess the current state of the security market and the effectiveness of the technology, Heavy Reading conducted a global survey of nearly 200 enterprise security customers, eliciting their attitudes and expectations about their security, their purchasing plans, and the problems they encounter in formulating effective security strategies. This report provides a comprehensive view of the security market from the perspective of end-user organizations, including capsule analyses of the products and market strategies of 33 major security vendors.
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