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Analyst Questions Customer Experience Message

Customer Experience Management (CEM) is a "flavor of the month" term that's driven by vendor marketing and not operator requirements, according to Heavy Reading Senior Analyst Ari Banerjee.

He expects to see a lot of CEM messaging at the Service Provider Information Technology (SPIT)-fest that is Management World 2012 in Dublin next week, but he doesn't expect to see much in the way of actual CEM systems or major operator endorsements.

"People talk about CEM solutions, but it's really just a philosophy. And real end-to-end CEM, which involves so many different parts of the operator organization, is a very hard thing to do -- it covers so many touch points. And there's no real definition that says where CEM starts or ends. ... Everyone has a different view. There are a few key criteria such as the ability to perform functions in real time and to have an analytics fabric. ... But the whole concept is very vendor-driven. It's the flavor of the month. Operators are not beating down the doors of the vendors to get at their CEM solutions," he says.

"Currently, operators are doing things in very small silos -- just small projects, individual pieces, such as real-time campaign management," adds Banerjee.

Some operators and vendors, of course, may disagree. (See NSN Unveils Customer Experience Toolset, Vodafone Does CEM With Amdocs, AlcaLu Gets Motivated About CEM and Bharti Airtel Picks NSN's CEM.)

Other key themes Banerjee is expecting to see in Dublin are around analytics capabilities, data warehousing, how to deal with Big Data, cloud service fulfillment, the management of M2M and the back-office implications of BYOD (bring your own device). "Dealing with BYOD is a big opportunity for service providers with the SMB sector, as is cloud," states Banerjee. (See Amdocs Surveys CSPs on BYOD.)

Ray Le Maistre, International Managing Editor, Light Reading

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