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Welcome to Heavy Reading Enterprise

Heavy Reading has been remarkably successful in its short history as a provider of market intelligence for the telecom industry. As a testament to its success, the company boasts a large customer base that includes virtually every major telecom supplier and service provider worldwide.

One of the keys to Heavy Reading's success has been its business model: It delivers objective, independent research and analysis, unfettered by the biases of telecom service providers, equipment vendors, or any other third parties. It maintains this independence, in large part, by routinely reaching out directly to the decision makers who drive the telecom sector, primarily through extensive customer surveys. These surveys, conducted online and on a worldwide basis, provide unique insight into what's really happening in the industry, free of not only vendor hype, but also high-end filtering by official sources within vendor and carrier organizations.

Building on these strengths, Heavy Reading has now launched a brand-new line of business Heavy Reading Enterprise. The new service aims to build on Heavy Reading's successful business model by extending it to the enterprise IT sector. The markets on which Heavy Reading Enterprise will concentrate on include:

  • Network and information security
  • Business intelligence
  • Storage networking
  • Data management
  • Integration and middleware
  • Content management and collaboration
  • Enterprise applications

The enterprise group's just-published initial report covers information and network security; forthcoming reports will focus on business intelligence and storage technologies.

As Heavy Reading is doing for the telecom industry, Heavy Reading Enterprise will provide customers and vendors with the in-depth information they need to make informed decisions about technology, services, and even vendors. Furthermore, every report will make use of extensive customer surveys. These customers individuals who are involved in the actual selection, purchase, use, and/or management of the products under discussion will offer unfiltered insight into which products and technologies really work, which ones don't, and why. They'll also offer unparalleled guidance on IT spending and deployment plans the kind of information that's invaluable to technology suppliers as they look to build and calibrate their product lines to align with user expectations.

Like its telecom-focused sibling, Heavy Reading Enterprise will focus on delivering real-world data, rather than spinning out long-term predictions and prognostications. We're committed to limiting the kind of "inside baseball" analysis that's already in ample supply in the IT sector. There are plenty of research outfits that charge handsomely for vendor positioning and market-share reports; our mission is to take IT research beyond magical quadrants and endless five-year forecasts to deliver what should matter most to enterprise technology suppliers, users, and investors: definitive and measurable insight into enterprise spending and deployment priorities for a wide range of IT and communications technologies and services.

Ultimately, Heavy Reading Enterprise's research and analysis will be of great value to both suppliers and end users. Suppliers can use the research to get a better feel for customer needs and buying strategies, which can guide their product development strategies and help them locate new opportunities for their products and services. End users can better evaluate products and vendors by tapping into a wider knowledge base that includes many of their colleagues.

Heavy Reading Enterprise is open for business as of August 1, 2006. Its first report, The Future of Network & Information Security, is available now. That report is packed with data from an exclusive worldwide survey of enterprise IT professionals regarding their organization's plans for current and future deployment of security technologies, including projected spending for different types of security products.

Dozens of suppliers are looking for insight into how the security market will develop over the next few years. This report offers a detailed roadmap for the enterprise security sector.

Robert Lerner, Senior Analyst, Heavy Reading Enterprise

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