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The Future of Network & Information Security

Enterprises today are facing security threats that would have been unimaginable only a few years ago. Apart from issues surrounding physical security, organizations have to contend with everything from spam to malware, spoofing, hacking, denial of service attacks, and the loss and theft of data and intellectual property. The costs of these problems can be extraordinary, and they can include not only the cost of remediation, but also the loss of productivity, credibility, investor confidence, and in extreme cases viability.

In theory, it should be fairly easy to protect enterprises from most threats, especially if they originate from outside the firewall. Unfortunately, the world is not that simple, and organizations face threats from lone individuals as well as organized crime, originating not only outside the firewall, but also inside. Indeed, the threats from inside an enterprise's firewalls can be every bit as dangerous as those from outside: Disgruntled or malicious employees access to sensitive information can cause untold damage, while accidents (lost or stolen data) by well-intentioned employees can lead to government sanctions and compromised market credibility.

Enterprises can also be their own worst enemy, especially when security policies are misguided or ineffective, as when employees are allowed to take sensitive, critical data outside the enterprise; when technology investments have been insufficiently leveraged; when mission-critical systems are improperly secured; or when firewalls have been misconfigured. Then again, this assumes that an organization's perimeters can be well defined, but in reality this is rarely the case – which makes securing the organization all the more difficult and complicated.

These and a host of other issues have heightened the interest in security from organizations of all stripes – and this interest continues to galvanize the market.

The Future of Network & Information Security, the first-ever report from Heavy Reading Enterprise, delivers a comprehensive view of the security market from the perspective of end-user organizations. As with any market, there is a lot of hype about certain products and services – which ones are necessary, which ones will generate strong traction, and so forth. This report investigates the major security products, industry initiatives, and vendors without the hype; it also provides clear guidance on what enterprise customers think about the state of their security, what they are buying and planning to buy, and the roadblocks they are encountering in terms of their buying strategies and overall security strategies. This report is designed to present the perceptions of customers, unmediated by the views, needs, and biases of vendors.


To examine the market, Heavy Reading conducted a major worldwide survey of enterprise professionals to gauge their attitudes and expectations about information and network security technologies and deployments. Nearly 200 respondents participated in the invitation-only survey, representing a rich mix of company sizes and vertical market sectors.

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The survey covers enterprise customer perceptions about the state of security at their organization, roadblocks to effective security, the current state of security technology, and enterprise buying decisions – that is, what is driving their technology choices and what they are looking at in terms of choosing security vendors.

In addition to detailed analysis of survey results, the report includes a comprehensive taxonomy of security products now available for enterprise use, as well as an up-to-the-minute accounting of critical standards initiatives. It also analyzes 33 leading IT security vendors – including those vendors identified by survey respondents as the market leaders in the security sector.


Report Scope and Structure

The Future of Network & Information Security provides invaluable insight into current and future prospects for enterprise security sector by delivering information directly from the most critical source: the companies and professionals that are making actual deployment and purchase decisions. Exclusive quantitative data from our enterprise security survey addresses a range of issues that are of major concern across the entire enterprise technology supply chain, including:

How confident are IT professionals in their company’s security systems?
Which areas are perceived as the most vulnerable and in biggest need of improvement?
How effective are today’s security products?
Which vendors are the leading providers in the security sector?
How will spending on security change in the next 12 to 24 months, and which types of systems are likely to attract the biggest budgets?
What are the biggest internal roadblocks to deploying a more effective security program?
How is regulatory compliance affecting security initiatives?
Which industry initiatives are seen as the most important by enterprise users?
How do customers evaluate and choose their security suppliers?

The Future of Network & Information Security is structured as follows:

Section I is an introduction to the report, with complete report key findings.

Section II supplies key information on the respondents to Heavy Reading's Future of Network & Information Security Survey. The respondents to our survey are all executives involved in the selection and deployment of their company's security products. This section relates their job titles or functions, the sector or market in which their company operates, the size of the company, their geographical location, and the geographies in which their companies operate.

Section III provides an overview of the major security technologies and explains how an enterprise can best be secured using security technology.

Sections IV analyzes customers' attitudes about current security technology, including survey respondents' views about the overall effectiveness of their security; the origin and nature of the security threats they face; the severity of security breaches they have suffered; and their strategies for improving security in the future.

Section V explores customers' attitudes toward and spending plans for security, including how they are approaching security issues; the obstacles they are encountering to their security initiatives; and the concerns that will guide their spending over the next two years.

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Section VI considers the effect of compliance with government regulations – as well as the influence of industry initiatives, such as Cisco's Network Admission Control, Microsoft's Network Access Protection, and Trusted Computing Group's Trusted Network Connection – on enterprise security initiatives and security technology vendors.

Section VII presents customers' attitudes toward their current security implementations and the security technologies that they are planning to acquire in the near term.

Section VIII analyzes customers' attitudes about the major security vendors; their perceptions about which vendors are leading or lagging in the market; and the factors that will influence their choice of a security vendor.

Section IX offers capsule analyses of 33 leading security vendors, summarizing their revenue position (if known); their security strategies and products; and their strengths and weaknesses in the market.

The report is essential reading for a wide range of industry participants, including the following:

Suppliers of IT security technologies and products: What are the top priorities for enterprise security deployments, and how does your product line match up with those priorities? What do enterprises see as their biggest vulnerability points? Where are the new opportunities for market growth? Are your products and marketing messages in line with customer plans and expectations? Is your company perceived as a leader in this sector by end users? Are there significant gaps in your product line that need to be addressed to meet future demand for IT security?
Enterprise IT executives: How do your perceptions of internal security strengths and weaknesses match up with those of your colleagues in other organizations? Are your spending and budget plans in line with other companies in your vertical sector? Are there areas of security deployment being neglected by your organization?
Investors: Which security products and technologies will attract the most spending by enterprises? Which suppliers are in the best position to capture that spending? What are the hot startups in this sector? Which companies are in danger of falling behind in this critical market?

The Future of Network & Information Security is published in PDF format. Purchasers of the report also gain access to the full survey results for targeted analysis in a searchable database. The online database allows for segmentation of results by a range of factors, including vertical market sector, size of organization, geographic location, and respondent job title.

PRICE: $4,995
Senior Analyst, Heavy Reading Enterprise
Lerner served for nearly seven years as a data management analyst at Current Analysis. He has a wide range of experience...
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Full results of an exclusive, worldwide survey of 195 enterprise IT professionals, representing more than two dozen vertical market sectors
83 pages of survey analysis, including detailed breakouts of results by key demographic segments
Profiles and analysis for 33 leading IT security vendors
Comprehensive taxonomy of IT security products and technologies
Full access to a searchable online database of survey results for further targeted analysis
PRICE: $4,995
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