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IMS and the Future of Network Convergence

Over the past 12 to 18 months, IMS – IP Multimedia Subsystem – has enjoyed an extraordinary rise to prominence. As recently as the end of 2003, IMS was still widely seen as an interesting but limited mechanism for offering new multimedia services on 3G cellular mobile networks. Now it is variously seen as: the anchor for next-generation networks (NGNs); the underlying mechanism for delivering a host of new IP services at a fraction of the previous cost; the basis for a complete convergence between fixed and mobile networks; and the salvation of incumbent telcos as they prepare to battle Skype and other challenges presented by IP and the public Internet.

It’s not too much to say that many vendors and some service providers now see IMS as the single most important telecom technology development of this decade, and almost all now see it as one of the most important. All major equipment vendors, many mainstream IT suppliers, and a host of smaller specialist companies have committed to the IMS architecture. Yet there are very few true IMS deployments to date, and many unanswered questions about where, why, and how IMS is best implemented.

IMS and the Future of Network Convergence delivers a complete accounting of IMS technology and product developments. This report covers 70 different suppliers, including major telecom equipment manufacturers, softswitch suppliers, major IT vendors, application server companies, and other specialists that are taking a leadership role in IMS development.


The report provides a detailed competitive analysis for IMS vendors, including such vital company-specific information as:

Which specific areas of IMS each vendor is targeting
Technology partnerships among IMS vendors
IMS contract wins to date
Anticipated effect of IMS on vendor product strategies
Anticipated effect of IMS on company revenues and profitability

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IMS and the Future of Network Convergence delivers a comprehensive assessment of the entire IMS sector, including:

A detailed description of IMS and its key objectives.
An analysis of the increasingly central role of IMS in fixed/mobile convergence and NGN.
A complete accounting of IMS standards activity, including the roles played by the IETF, 3GPP, 3GPP2, ETSI, ITU, OMA, CableLabs and various other bodies working on aspects of IMS, as well as the relationships among them and the standards they have created.

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An overview of early contract awards for IMS – what they're for, and who won them.
A projected timeline for IMS development.
A full explanation of the relationships among IMS and related convergence technologies and initiatives, including AdvancedTCA and service delivery platforms (SDPs).
A typology of applications that will be deployed using IMS.
An evaluation of IMS’s likely effect on wireless, wireline, and converged networks, as well as on the supply chains for those networks.

Report Scope and Structure

IMS and the Future of Network Convergence provides the most comprehensive accounting of this emerging market now available. It scopes out the IMS supply chain in its entirety, from the world’s largest telecom equipment manufacturers and systems integrators to startup specialists that are now making their marks with innovative products.

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The report is structured as follows:

Section I is an introduction to the report, featuring complete key findings of our research.

Section II presents a detailed overview of IMS’s development to date and its relationship to other NGN-enabling standards initiatives, including Tispan, ATCA, and SDPs.

Section III details and analyzes the IMS strategies of major incumbent telecom equipment manufacturers, including current and planned implementations of IMS in specific product lines, vendor partnerships, and announced wins in the IMS sector.

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Section IV covers the IMS strategies, product initiatives, partnerships, and customer wins of major IT vendors and systems integrators.

Section V provides a complete accounting of the IMS initiatives now underway at leading softswitch suppliers worldwide.

Section VI addresses market and product positioning of key specialist players in the IMS sector, including IMS-centric startups.

The report is essential reading for a wide range of industry participants, including the following:

Telecom equipment manufacturers: How does your IMS deployment strategy match up to your competition's? Who has the first-mover advantage in key IMS technology development sectors, and how important is that advantage? Which products are already available, and which are still vaporware? How are vendor partnerships developing in this sector, and how can you take advantage of strategic arrangements to bolster your IMS portfolio?
Softswitch vendors: Are you ahead of the curve in IMS deployment, or are you falling behind? Which application areas present the most attractive opportunities? How is demand for IMS likely to develop in the network operator market?
Systems integrators/IT suppliers: How do your partnership channels for IMS deployment measure up? Are there other potential partners that are capable of delivering the products you require to meet your clients’ needs?
Network operators: How will IMS’s continued development affect your supply-chain relationships? When can you expect to see meaningful commercial deployments of IMS-enabled products and applications? Which vendors will be in the best position to deliver the products you need to build your NGN?
Investors: Which technology suppliers are in the best position to capture market share in this important telecom industry sector? When will this sector begin to show meaningful and sustainable growth?

IMS and the Future of Network Convergence is published in PDF format.
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96 pages of product and strategy competitive analysis covering 70 telecom equipment manufacturers, IT providers, systems integrators, softswitch vendors, and specialist providers of IMS-compliant products and applications
Up-to-the-minute information on IMS contract wins and revenue expectations
Detailed analysis of each vendor’s IMS strategy and emerging product portfolio
In-depth information on key strategic partnerships in the IMS sector
PRICE: $3,495
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