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Steve Koppman
Contributing Analyst,
Heavy Reading
Steve has covered the North American carrier industry for 25 years nearly half that time for Gartner, where he was a principal analyst. For Heavy Reading, he has covered public Ethernet and IP voiceMORE
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Length: 34 Pages
Price: $2,495
Telecom Billing Vendors Gear Up for 5G & IoT

As communications devices multiply and become ever more sophisticated and as ubiquitous broadband consumption expands rapidly and continuously as new content, services and applications emerge hardware-specific, complex and inflexible traditional networking and IT environments are often strained to their limits. Meanwhile, 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT) promise to dramatically intensify this situation.

Billing is a vital aspect of these changes and a crucial function for communications service providers (CSPs), making it possible for them to profit and grow. CSPs' networks are limited from fully monetizing their investments by legacy revenue management systems; services are extending beyond triple- or quad-play to include streaming or app subscriptions for which CSPs often have problems charging. The ever-increasing number of third-party relationships drastically complicates the situation, and will do so far more as the IoT explodes. Billing is the number one reason end customers engage with contact centers, and it is a top driver of end-customer dissatisfaction.

Billing vendors must scale their operations more efficiently to control costs and revenue leakage while serving the market's escalating service complexity and improving the end-customer experience. The fundamental point for billing vendors is to become enablers of, rather than obstacles to, the digital transformation in which CSPs and the market generally are engaged.

Telecom Billing Vendors Gear Up for 5G & IoT provides an overview of the issues telecom billing vendors and their CSP customers face and how they are facing them. It examines the structure of the billing vendor market and its participants, assessing major issues, including competition with over-the-top (OTT) companies, dealing with new digital services, 5G and the IoT, the roles of virtualization and the cloud, billing system proliferation and convergence, and the emergence of a new variety of partnerships. Finally, this report profiles seven significant billing vendors in the market.



The transformation of billing solutions in relation to 5G will inevitably be a drawn-out process over years as the technology's presence expands. CSPs contemplate how they will handle the migration from 4G to 5G, as well as the likely opportunities that arise along the way though not anticipating comprehensive 5G conversion until the 20s. A central proviso of this conversion will be the avoidance of massive spending on hardware and databases that would have been occasioned by such profound upgrades before virtualization and the cloud.
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