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10-Gbit/s Ethernet Components: A Heavy Reading Competitive Analysis

After several years of delay, market conditions are now prime for meaningful growth in the 10-Gbit/s Ethernet (10GE) product sector. Gigabit Ethernet is now widely deployed to the desktop, and broadband access capacity is growing rapidly. Until recently, the prohibitive cost of 10GE interfaces and switches prevented wide-scale adoption of 10GE in the enterprise. This is now changing, and 10GE port shipments are growing rapidly as port costs drop.

Most high-density Gigabit Ethernet switches now come with 10GE uplinks. In the WAN, 10GE offers significant cost benefit over alternative technologies such as Sonet/SDH, and a number of carriers have already committed to 10GE deployments, with more sure to follow.

System manufacturers have identified the high cost and power demands of 10GE transponders and physical layer (PHY) devices as the key barriers to making equipment more affordable for carrier and enterprise customers. Transponder and PHY vendors have responded to this challenge with devices that cost less to manufacture and use less power. As a result of these component advances, 10GE system prices are now tumbling, and port shipments are rising as the per-user price of 10GE backbone connectivity falls below the $100 mark.

10-Gbit/s Ethernet Components: A Heavy Reading Competitive Analysis delivers a comprehensive assessment of components vendors that are developing PHY devices, integrated switch devices, and transponder modules for the 10GE market. It not only provides detailed information on the components themselves of interest to system OEMs and chip manufacturers but also offers insights into how the overall market for 10GE systems and components is likely to develop of interest to a wide audience, including carriers and investors.


This all-new report expands on Heavy Readings previous coverage of the 10GE components sector, adding comprehensive information on more than 120 different products that have come to market since our initial 10GE sector report was issued in April 2004. The new report is based on interviews conducted with more than 30 manufacturers of 10GE transponders, integrated switches, and PHY devices. The tables presented in the report were compiled using data collected during these interviews and from product documentation. Once the tables were compiled, the relevant data was provided to all vendors for confirmation. In most cases, feedback was received and the data updated accordingly.

All told, the report delivers complete product and availability information for 225 different 10GE components from 40 different manufacturers. Full comparative product matrices deliver more than 3,000 unique data fields covering every 10GE component product from every vendor.


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Report Scope and Structure

10-Gbit/s Ethernet Components: A Heavy Reading Competitive Analysis is structured as follows:

Section I is an introduction to the report, with complete report key findings.

Section II presents an overview of 10-Gbit/s Ethernet market trends, including information on product deployments, leading 10GE applications, and standards initiatives.

Section III focuses on the 10GE switching sector, particularly on integrated 10GE switching devices.

Sections IV analyzes the 10GE transponder market, detailing transponder MSAs (multisource agreements) now in place and providing a complete accounting of all form factors in use for 10GE, including:

300-pin transponders
Xenpak transponders
XPAK transponders
X2 transponders
XFP transceiver modules

Section V provides a complete competitive analysis of the 20 vendors that now supply 10GE transponder modules.

Section VI covers the different types of 10GE physical layer (PHY) devices now on the market, including:

XSBI transceivers
XAUI transceivers
XAUI-10G serial PHYs
XAUI retimer and backplane muxes
10-Gbit/s serial retimers
EDC receivers

Section VII offers a complete competitive analysis of the 19 vendors that manufacture 10GE PHY devices.

The report is essential reading for a wide range of industry participants, including the following:

10GE components vendors: How do your products compare with those of your competitors? Are you able to present your customers with an accurate portrayal of the value of your products compared with the competition? What are the key advantages that you hold over each of your rivals? What are the areas you need to address to maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace?
10GE systems manufacturers: Is your stable of components suppliers the best it can be, or are there better products now available? What kinds of price/performance improvements can you expect from 10GE components, and what is the likely time frame for those improvements to kick in? What competitive pressures in the components markets can you potentially use to your advantage in striking deals with suppliers?
Investors: Which 10GE components suppliers have the strongest product lines, and which ones are more likely to struggle for customer acceptance? Which private companies are emerging as likely success stories in this competitive field? Which ones are in danger of falling by the wayside?

10-Gbit/s Ethernet Components: A Heavy Reading Competitive Analysis is published in PDF format.

PRICE: $3,795
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Stanley tracks telecom components markets as an analyst and consultant. He is the author of numerous Light Reading reports on topics including 10-Gbit/s Ethernet transponders and PHY chips, switch fabric chipsets, traffic manager chips, network processors, and next-gen Sonet/SDH silicon...
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61 pages of data and analysis covering every 10GE switching, transponder, and PHY device now on the market
Full product details and competitive analysis for 225 10GE components from 40 different manufacturers
Detailed product matrices deliver point-by-point feature comparisons using more than 3,000 unique data fields
Exclusive interviews with more than 30 10GE components makers offer unique insight into future 10GE trends and developments
Complete accounting of current status and projected delivery dates for forthcoming 10GE components not yet in commercial production
PRICE: $3,795
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