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Heavy Reading Components Insider
Vol. 10, No. 4, October 2014
This report analyzes the current and projected use of multicore processors by telecom and networking equipment manufacturers, based on the results of an exclusive worldwide survey. The responses to our survey make it clear that these devices are critical components in most types of networking equipment, from the access edge to the core of the network.
Heavy Reading 4G/LTE Insider
Vol. 5, No. 5, October 2014
This report identifies and analyzes key issues driving and inhibiting the utility market's adoption of LTE. It discusses how LTE compares to competitors such as broadband over powerline (BPL), CMDA, fiber and WiMax in terms of cost and capabilities. The report is based on interviews with a representative sample of companies in the ecosystem.
Heavy Reading Mobile Networks Insider
Vol. 5, No. 5, October 2014
This report examines M2M and IoT testing market, analyzing the testing most commonly used, as well as drivers expected in the market. It discusses industry challenges and includes a comparative analysis of solutions available. Finally, it examines the market's geographic landscape and details trends that may occur over the next 18-24 months.
Heavy Reading Components Insider
Vol. 10, No. 3, October 2014
This report details and analyzes processor architectures and low-power processors for micro servers and network appliances from eight leading vendors, identifying the key requirements and highlighting the advantages they hold for equipment manufacturers and service providers. The report also reviews vendor strategies and surveys component features, performance and flexibility in this important market.
Heavy Reading
Patrick Donegan, Senior Analyst
Vol. 12, No. 9, October 2014
SDN and NFV are radically impacting the way the industry is thinking about routers - or just routing - in the backhaul. Consistent with NFV, routing can be centrally located and accessed as virtual instances by other nodes, rather than requiring dedicated routers throughout the backhaul. As network planners grapple with expanding capacity and agility to support ever higher capacity, more powerful smartphones, and advanced apps, this report reviews the evolving role of routing in the mobile backhaul
Heavy Reading Insider
Vol. 14, No. 9, October 2014
This report examines the vendors vying for market share of a sub-segment of the packet-optical market - namely the supply of network systems for edge/aggregation networks. The report looks at the products the vendors offer. It uncovers their differentiating strategies and selling points, assesses their market success and looks at the buzz their products are getting. It finally compares vendors by giving them an aggregate score across these categories.
Heavy Reading Insider
Vol. 14, No. 8, September 2014
This report analyzes Windstream's decision to spin off its legacy network assets into a REIT, focusing on the factors that influenced the decision and their applicability to other operators. It also analyzes the financial and ownership positions of other operators to determine if they may benefit from imitating this strategy.
Heavy Reading
Vol. 12, No. 8, August 2014
This report analyzes the U.S. Ethernet services market, projects growth for eight major Ethernet verticals through 2019, and examines the major issues that will affect each key vertical over the next five years. The report is based on in-depth interviews with senior executives at 15 leading service providers, which collectively account for about 90% of U.S. retail Ethernet service sales, as well as an exclusive survey of U.S. companies regarding their current and future Ethernet services usage.
Heavy Reading Mobile Networks Insider
Vol. 5, No. 4, August 2014
This report examines the smartphone testing market, analyzing how smartphones are being tested today, as well as drivers expected in the market over the next two years. It discusses challenges in the industry and includes a comparative analysis of solutions available.
Heavy Reading Service Provider IT Insider
Vol. 10, No. 2, August 2014
This report examines the cloud performance testing market. It discusses drivers and challenges in the industry, including a comparative analysis of solutions on the market. Finally, it examines the geographic landscape of the market and details trends that are likely to occur in the industry over the next 18-24 months.
Heavy Reading 4G/LTE Insider
Vol. 5, No. 4, August 2014
This report summarizes the drivers of LTE-A network investment, and assesses the products and solutions offered by the leading LTE infrastructure vendors. It also applies a ranking overall to eight leading vendors, and describes their LTE-A approaches and offers.
More Research
Data Center Transformation: A Necessity for Telecom Operator Success
Roz Roseboro, Senior Analyst
10/24/2014 9:30:00 AM
Telecom operators are deploying new technologies in their data center environments to reduce costs and increase revenues.

Carrier SDN & the Dream of Network Agility
Sterling Perrin, Senior Analyst, Heavy Reading
10/24/2014 8:30:00 AM
The cloud debate has moved on to the network capabilities needed to meet customers' demands, with SDN and NFV at the heart of discussions.

Virtual Mobile Core – Why? And When?
Gabriel Brown, Senior Analyst, Heavy Reading
10/24/2014 7:30:00 AM
When might operators put their NFV strategies into action in the mobile core? And what's in it for them?

Why LTE Isn't a No-Brainer for Utilities – Yet
Tim Kridel
10/22/2014 5:00:00 AM
Because of difficulty acquiring spectrum, many utilities are forgoing LTE, and turning to legacy technologies such as CDMA and WiMax.

M2M & IoT Growth Demands More Testing
Denise Culver
10/21/2014 8:00:00 AM
The machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) markets will grow exponentially, requiring more robust testing solutions.

100G Set as P-OTS Battleground in Edge Networks
Simon Sherrington
10/7/2014 11:00:00 AM
Aggregation and edge transport networks are undergoing a wave of innovation.

Backhaul Strategies: Looking to 2015
Patrick Donegan, Senior Analyst
9/29/2014 11:30:00 AM
The challenges associated with small cell deployments, the impact of virtualization, and the demand for dark fiber are just some of the topics to be debated at the upcoming Backhaul Strategies ...

Analyzing Apple & VoLTE
Gabriel Brown, Senior Analyst, Heavy Reading
9/12/2014 11:30:00 AM
The news that Apple's new iPhone 6 will now support Voice over LTE kind of a big deal.

NFV Drives Telco Cloud Evolution – Nokia
Roz Roseboro, Senior Analyst
8/29/2014 9:45:00 AM
Network functions virtualization is the key catalyst underpinning telco data center transformation, believes Nokia Networks.

Testing Will Further Boost Mobile Market
Denise Culver
8/27/2014 8:00:00 AM
The growth of the smartphone market is creating a new testing ground for vendors that must find a way to keep ahead of the game.

Testing Performance Is Key to Cloud Success
Denise Culver
8/20/2014 9:35:00 AM
As more and more applications move into the cloud, enterprises must ensure that those clouds are rigorously tested for performance.

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