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Mobile TV: Switching on the Revenue Stream
At first glance, television seems an unlikely savior for advanced mobile content services – resolutely “old media” in origins, broadcast TV is a million miles from the “on-demand” nirvana envisaged by mobile operators and equipment suppliers – but its role in cracking open the non-voice mobile services market could be critical.

Commercial services streamed over 3G networks are already showing signs of success in their own right, with leading operators reporting more than 1 million mobile sessions per month. But the real power of mobile TV is as to act as an “extension” to regular TV services, luring even the most technology-averse mobile phone users to 3G subscriptions.

In the longer term, there is an expectation among operators that “one-to-many” mass-market mobile TV services can be more efficiently delivered over dedicated mobile broadcast networks, using technologies such as DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcast–Handheld), DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcast), and MediaFLO.

Sample research data from the report is shown in the excerpts below:
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Although often seen as an interim solution, mobile operators are keen to launch unicast mobile TV services and put their newly deployed 3G capacity to work. This table shows selected examples of this trend:
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There is significant interest in dedicated, terrestrial mobile TV broadcast networks, with several operators around the world now involved in small-scale trials. The table below presents a selection of DVB-H pilot services:
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This report provides critical data and analysis for a wide range of industry participants, including:
Mobile service providers looking to assess the impact of mobile TV and evaluate the business case for competing mobile broadcast technologies.
Network equipment, device, and chipset vendors that require competitive market intelligence.
Investors evaluating the competitive positioning and long-term prospects of mobile service providers worldwide.
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